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1. CA SACHIN GUPTA is  an Expert in Teaching  Taxation both 


     Income Tax (Direct Tax) & GST (Indirect Tax).


2.  He is a RanK Holder Fellow Member of ICAI having experience       of more than 15 years in Teaching Taxation to students                   undergoing various courses like CA, CS, CMA, MBA, LLB, BBA,         BCOM etc.

3. He is a visiting Tax Faculty of various Professional Institutes 

    in Delhi.

4. He has taught over 25,000 students all across India on Face to 

    Face basis as well as through various online platforms.

5. He has also been awarded Best Tax Faculty Award and is

    author of many books on Taxation.


1.  He teaches Tax in an uncomplicated manner so that learning 

     Tax becomes easy.

2. He uses  examples to illustrate the Tax provisions which                helps the students to understand them and therefore         

    learning tax becomes interesting.

3.  He uses teaching techniques so that a student is able to   

      memorise the Tax Provisions instead of mugging them.

3. He maintains a friendly environment in the class so that

    students remain comfortable in asking doubts & queries.

4. Along with Teaching ,he shares his opinions and views about

    stress management, time management and Interpersonal

    skills.This helps a student to become a complete professional.


1. His  student  Reema Garg scored ALL India Highest           

     Marks in Taxation.

2. His students have score Various All India ranks in 

    Professional examinations.

3. His students average pass ratio is 85%.

4. His 60% students on an average score exemptions 

     i.e marks above 60.

5. His students have excelled in their respective         

    fields and  are now at very good positions in their